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A life consists of chapters. You get to change your mind, try new things, and try on different identities. What kind of life do you want to live now?

I made Life Studio to give you a drawing board for the life you want to live, instead of just following where life takes you or letting self-doubt keep you frozen. Without putting pressure on yourself, seeking perfection, or setting more goals. Just asking with gentle curiosity, “What if I tried doing things differently?” “What if I knew I was ready to do the things I dream of?”

Maybe this means setting off on adventures up mountains. Perhaps it looks like embracing your creativity, sharing your ideas, or starting a business. Or maybe it’s just enjoying more ease and contentment each day. What would the best normal day in your life actually look like?

With a little bit more clarity and courage, so many things can happen.

Set off on the journey between where you are & where you want to be

Create Your Life Map

Have a clear view of where you are now and check the balance between the key areas of your life. To chart your direction forwards, update your map every week or so to see how you’re doing.

Engineer the details of a great day

What does the best possible average day in your life look like? Where are you, how do you spend your time, and how do you feel about yourself?

Use the inspiring visual dashboard to put together the components of your dream day, celebrate what you’ve already achieved, highlight what’s an easy pivot, and clarify what’s on your longer-term path.

Choose clear next steps you’re ready to act on

The most effective goals are ones that change how you act now, not at some undefined time in the future. This area of the workspace helps you narrow your focus and simplify your priorities to avoid overwhelm (and actually get things done.)


The Design Tools

Use the exercises, tactics & prompts to inspire action and help you through blocks.

15+ Worksheets in the Design Library

Work through the actionable PDFs to engineer your next steps and take big leaps to where you want to be

The Course Space

Follow The Foundations to begin with, then work through the Design Tools at your own pace.

Hey, I’m Lucy Fuggle

I’m a writer in love with mountains, forests, and the Arctic. I’m also a business owner, author, ex-tech person, and redhead who needs a lot of SPF.

I was born on a sheep farm in England and grew up with crippling shyness and plenty of quirks (that I later found out were Autism Spectrum Disorder, PTSD, and anxiety disorders). 

Despite all that, I found the courage to move to Switzerland, live alone by the mountains, and write a book about it. Now I live in Copenhagen with my husband, Iain, who I married in a treehouse by a loch in Scotland. 

Along the way, I’ve left a decent job that made me feel crap, created multiple companies, made multi-five-figure months, got burnt out again, and learned I could actually do things my own way – without compromise.

It didn’t make me happy when I was working my arse off for other people to make money. It didn’t make me happy to have no energy for my creative projects outside of work, or mysterious health problems because I was ignoring what my body needed.

The map I was told to follow didn’t work for me. I had to use my creativity to make my own weird, beautiful blueprint. And I had to do it intentionally, reverse-engineering the details of my ideal life to meet where I was in the present.

I’ve created my own art of living well – and I’m here to help you create your own, too.

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  • Online course area with video guidance
  • Personalisable digital workspace for inspiration and clarity
  • Interactive Life Map to check where you are now, identify areas to focus on, and chart your progress
  • Future Self Meditation audio to visualise your most honest, fulfilling life and path to get there
  • Visual dashboard to organise your goals and make your dreams tangible
  • PDFs and journal prompts to guide you to the most courageous and inspired steps forward
  • Bonus design prompts for your work, home, community, and health
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Immediately after signup, you’ll get access to the online portal and all of the resources to engineer your most creative, free, and honestly-you life.

As this course is lifetime access, you’ll always receive any updates and bonuses, even when the course price increases over time.

Let’s make it the year you finally share your art, plan that multi-day hike in the wilderness, start a business designed to give you freedom, or find your dream house by the mountains.

Elle S.

“This has already been a huge eye opener and inspiration into improving and growing in life! I can really see how the course will help me and others in building the steps towards growth and commitment to a happier self. I strongly believe to be a happier person that’s the kind of thing you need to expose yourself to. So a massive well done for the course you have built, I can’t wait to continue to use this and see where it takes me.”

Louise P.

“Thank you so much! This is exactly what I needed. I’ve been feeling stuck and a little lost for a while and you’ve given me the confidence and inspiration boost I’ve needed. So excited to do more of the work!”

Life Studio is a self-directed course, meaning you go through the materials at your own pace and without 1-1 interaction.

If live elements or a group are added in future, you’ll be the first to know and gain free access.

You can receive a refund within 14 days of purchase. Get in touch if you have any issues by contacting

There’s not a group at the moment, and the course is self-directed.

If you’re an introvert like me you’ll hopefully be cool with this, but if you don’t love self-directed courses and want more guidance, this might not be the best fit for you.

When you signup you get access to the course as long as it exists, including all new perks and additions for free, even if prices increase.

Dream bigger for yourself and our world

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