Think about your impact on the world and how you can contribute your best

“At what points do my talents and deep gladness meet the world’s deep need?”

– Frederick Buechner

At a very generous estimate, we each get 80 years on this planet. What are you doing with yours?

  • How do you want to be remembered?
  • How are you going to leave the planet better than when you arrived?
  • What are your causes? What do you care passionately about?
  • What do you hope to see changed in your lifetime?
  • What’s your code?
  • What are your guiding principles?
  • What are you going to give in return for what you get?


When thinking about your impact on the world, it comes down to two simple things:

1. Minimise your negative impact

Live sustainably:

  • Think before having kids, try to have a maximum of two or adopt
  • Eat a vegetarian diet
  • Buy local food
  • Buy less, reduce your consumption
  • Recycle
  • Opt for renewable energy if you can


2. Maximise your positive impact

  • Find the causes you believe in
  • Bring others higher
  • Share your skills, ideas and work with the world


Every day is an opportunity for us to leave less of a footprint and more of an impact. The more we give that matters, the more we’ll get that matters.

What are you doing right? What do you want to aim for? What impact are you designing for your time here on earth?

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