Writing down your dream life really does create magic, annoyingly

Six months ago, back in March, I got out a notebook and wrote the heading “my dream life” at the top of the page. I then filled about four pages with what my most dreamy, idyllic day would look like, including all sorts of details that felt ridiculous to read aloud.

At the time, I was working full-time and wasn’t in the right place professionally or emotionally. I’d been interviewing for other jobs but didn’t feel brave enough to make a leap without any sort of next step clearly mapped out.

So I sat on my balcony and scribbled down the details of my dream life. This included:

  • Earning double my current salary
  • Saving 25% of what I earn
  • Having a friendly fluffy dog to run around with
  • Waking up at six o’clock again for writing time
  • Travelling a lot and being able to treat myself if I want to
  • Getting my writing published by magazines

I typed it up, called the doc “Life plans, badassery and Tony Robbins”, and shared it with my boyfriend (he somehow puts up with all of this shit).

“Is it really realistic to want to double your salary?”, my boyfriend asked.

It wasn’t realistic. However, the number that I wrote down stayed in my head. When I left my job two months later, I earned nearly double that number in my first month of freelance work. It was more than I’d got the whole quarter before.

Three months after I wrote down my dream life, many of the things I wanted had happened (no fluffy dog, but there’s no way I’m ready for that yet).

I can go hiking on weekdays if I want to. Or I can work at the weekend and get paid for hiking (my favourite project so far).

Here’s the thing: like how the cells in your body are constantly renewing itself, so is your position in life and your opportunities. You can put your energy towards keeping everything stable and in one place, or you can let things pivot in new and exciting directions.

You’re the one charting your direction forwards with every decision and priority. You’ve got to be smart about that and take control, otherwise who knows what’s gonna happen. You also need to open space up for new opportunities that might seem a bit unexpected.

Get really clear on what your utopia looks like – your dream day, your ideal job, your morning and evening routines, your body, your clothes… everything. Write it all down and read that every single day from now on.

Every day, you can edge closer to being the type of person who has your ideal life. Some things you have complete control over already: like waking up earlier, or eating more greens, or your posture. Act like the owner of your ideal life, talk the same talk, and make the same decisions.

Other things, like getting more cash in the bank or bringing in awesome clients, are less instant. But once you’re acting like the type of person who gets those kinds of things in your life – you’re one step closer. They’ll happen soon enough.

Have no doubt in your mind that you’re capable of getting everything on your dream life list. The hard part is getting clear on what you actually want, not making it happen.

But when you know what your ideal day and life look like, and when you believe that you deserve it, you can edge closer to it every day. It will get closer so much faster than you think.

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