Wild business / a freedom-driven way of entrepreneurship

Business doesn’t have to mean being stuck in an office.

You can be an entrepreneur and actually go outside.

You can run a business with just a few hours a week, alongside other work or commitments or things you love doing. (If you’re lucky, your business can be one of the things you love doing).

You can spend more time in the mountains, hiking through the forest, and enjoying the waves than sitting at a desk.

Passive income doesn’t happen by magic. Often there’s a lot of work required to make it happen. But once you’ve got freedom-optimised systems on your side, they can chug away in the background while you do your thing.

You don’t have to be a masochist to be an entrepreneur. And especially not if you want a sustainable and impactful business. The people who make it work – and enjoy the ups and downs of the reality it gives them – are often different though. And a lot of the time, freedom depends on discipline and focus, especially at the start.

But it doesn’t have to be hard. Working with focus for one hour can create more meaningful work than a week of drifting aimlessly. Doing one thing that needs doing will always matter more than doing twenty useless tasks.

Carving out the space and time and freedom to care for yourself and follow what brings you joy creates more abundance than long hours and burnout ever will.

It can and should be easy and abundant to build a business that supports you and leaves the world a little better than before. Rather than making you give up your freedom, it can give you so much more of it.

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