Being wealthy & planet-conscious? Designing an abundant life that doesn’t cost the earth

In a business money mindset group I’m part of, another member recently asked about how to reconcile her desire for a wealthy life with her focus on sustainability and concern about the planet.

It got me thinking.

We often associate wealth with waste, excess, and materialism. Looking at the news, you see billionaires who are much more focused on increasing their ego-pumping billion-dollar status than helping the planet.

When you’re in high-income neighbourhoods, it’s normal to see huge gas-guzzling SUVs everywhere (ok, maybe less so here in Scandinavia, the land of the Tesla). It’s normal to travel greater distances more frequently. It’s also normal to buy more and have a disposable attitude.

There’s something to that, for sure. But wealth doesn’t have to cost the earth, even if it often still does. It doesn’t have to be the example you follow. And I hope it won’t for the generations coming through now.

There’s another option, in which you put your money towards the businesses and priorities you want to support.

Wealth can give you more power to create an abundant life with impact. You can donate what you don’t need to causes with influence at local and high levels.

You have more resources (usually both time and money) to choose more sustainably produced food and support local businesses.

You can travel more slowly and sustainably (read The Flightless Traveller by Emma Gregg if you want some inspiration). You can have an electric vehicle (or just a really nice bike).

You can opt to buy for life with better quality materials (and get things fixed when they break) and choose a home that’s better for the planet. You can select low-waste or zero-waste options when you have a choice.

Wealth doesn’t necessarily mean earning $X a year. It can mean having enough to create the life you want to live, starting with slowing down and being more conscious of your decisions.

The world needs more people on bikes who love nature and nurture beautiful gardens for bees, butterflies, and homegrown food.

We need inspiring, planet-friendly spaces to live in, work in, and enjoy each other’s company in.

We need thriving businesses with diverse leaders at their helm who can support and inspire the communities around them.

We need the people who can vote with their cash to make decisions that positively benefit our world.

In your life, how can you build wealth and use it to make the greatest impact – starting with your lifestyle and daily decisions?

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