Creating a life you love comes from lots of tiny pivots

Imagine the most incredible version of your life. Think for a moment about how you wake up, the work you do, where you live, and how you spend your time.

Now ask yourself why you can’t have it now.

If you’re like most of us, you’ll suddenly feel standoffish and want to say but who am I to have that?

Then you’ll want to share the reasons why you can’t have it. Maybe:

  • money
  • time
  • responsibilities
  • how old you are
  • how young you are

And so on.

But my goal in writing this is to make you wonder, what if?

What if it’s not entirely out of reach?

What if some of it is already in my control?

What if I can make some small pivots right now?

What if I can keep making those pivots and get incrementally closer to living that life?

… What if?

Those two words are where the magic happens. They get you wondering why not me instead of why me.

They help you see what’s already in your control and understand that you’re not powerless in creating your own life.

You’re at the helm of your life. You’re in the driving seat.

Even if you can’t magic up everything you’ve ever wanted right this second, what can you bring into your life?

What pivots can you make right now that you don’t need anyone else’s permission for?

Your pivots could be:

  • Gifting yourself the time to make your art
  • Waking up early to enjoy your favourite time of day
  • Having one outfit that matches what your ideal self wears
  • Actually using your fancy candles instead of using them as ornaments
  • Buying that beautiful journal to fill with gratitude and dreams for the future
  • A replacement for that thing in your life that’s broken or irritating and you can totally justify getting a new one
  • Wearing your best underwear / pyjamas / socks / shoes / whatever makes you feel fantastic
  • Keeping a tidy home so you can enjoy the space
  • Decluttering what doesn’t serve you ā€“ things, feelings, and even people who bring you down
  • Pulling your shoulders back and standing a bit taller
  • Breathing deeply and giving yourself permission to enjoy the moment
  • Time every day to sit and enjoy the small moments in peace

Look at the key areas of your life: your health, relationships, body, work, creativity, wealth, community, and spirituality.

What’s going well? What areas can you give a little more focus and love?

So much is in your power to change.

Make the tiny changes, one by one. Let them slowly layer upon each other to create huge transformations.

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