Start with gratitude and joy before starting your life design project

Written on the train from Zurich to Luzern

When designing your life, you’re not starting from a blank slate.

You’re not taking your first steps. You’re taking the next steps after the countless ones you’ve already taken.

You’re making use of everything you’ve gained up until this moment – all of the experiences, feelings, triumphs, and failures. The good and all of the bad.

Be grateful right now, before optimising anything or changing the path you’re on.

Be happy right now, realising that the only real thing influencing this is your mindset in this present moment, which is soon to be replaced by another.

Savour the thrill of being alive; of having the ground below your feet, the sky above you, and air flowing in and out of your lungs.

Thank your heart for beating, for doing its job so diligently your whole life.

Change your baseline for happiness and gratitude; realise that you require nothing new to fill those tanks right now.

You’re in the best position you can be, both for living your life at this very moment and for starting down your path of consciously designing your future.

Celebrate the fresh chance you’re getting with each new moment to live the life you want to live.

Let’s start our life design project with joy and with gratitude.

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Lucy Fuggle
I'm Lucy – an adventurer, writer, author of Mountain Song: A Journey to Finding Quiet in the Swiss Alps, and creator of Live Wildly.

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