Upgrade your environment to get closer to your dreams, starting with your home

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Written at Boréal Coffee in Zurich

Where are you right now?

Think back to your ideal life description. Picture your dream home. How does your current home environment compare?

Ok, maybe you’re not quite there yet. But there are still some things you can do.

I’ll bet that your perfect home doesn’t look like a shared student house with towers of plates and rotting milk in the fridge. You have no excuse for your current home to look like that either.

Respect the environment you’re in now, but keep upgrading what you can to get it closer to your ideal place.

Build habits that nurture the environment you want to live in. Fix the shower. Get fresh flowers if that’s what you imagine in that fancy future house of yours.

Think about the magic you want to make happen in your life. Is it going to happen here? What can you do to make the environment more conducive to your goals?

Maybe you choose to get out of the house during the day, heading to an inspiring co-working space where you can share ideas with likeminded entrepreneurs over coffee. You might have a favourite cafe that gets your creative juices flowing.

Get to know the environments that nurture you and push you in the direction of your wildest ambitions. Spend more time there.

Know the ideal environment you want to live in and work in. Make the most of where you currently are. Continually work towards where you want to be.


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