What if your procrastination is really fear?

Procrastination happens for a multitude of reasons. Not feeling ready. Not being interested enough. Not caring enough. Getting distracted by shiny things that promise a faster dopamine rush.

But more often than not, when it comes to the goals that actually matter to us, procrastination is fear masquerading itself as laziness, disinterest, and lack of focus.

What will happen if you finally achieve the thing you’ve been putting off?

Dig into it and there might be more than you thought.

You might worry that if you achieve your goals, you’ll become too big for your boots and people will judge you, criticise you publicly, or even leave you.

Writing your book means exposing your vulnerabilities. And what if you get a 1* review and it’s on the internet forever?

Starting your business means risking failure. What will people think of you then?

What if you publish a course and people think you’re a fraud?

How will you explain your decision to leave your job to trek the Andes to your mum? What if everything falls through?

Take a moment to ask yourself:

Now, grab a piece of paper and write down the pros and cons of staying exactly where you are (and playing Animal Crossing during every spare moment) or working at your goals, even if they’re scary af.

What is the better choice in the long term, facing your fears or staying safe exactly where you are?

What’s really the most scary option?

Dreaming + designing + action. So much is possible.

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