What would it look like if it were easy?

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Writing your book. Starting the business you’ve always wanted to create. Strengthening your body.

What would it look like if it were easy?

What is the easiest way to get from A to B?

I can be guilty of overcomplicating everything so much that I end up moving nowhere (or at best, around in circles.) I’ve had to make this something I actively fight against, otherwise I’d be stuck, stressed out, and absolutely not doing what I want to be doing.

This means asking the questions in this post ridiculously frequently, but I really need to hear them – and looking around at others, I think a lot of us do.

What would it look like if it were easy?

What would it look like without complicating things unnecessarily, or sabotaging your chances with your own self-doubt and anxieties?

For example, thoughts like, “I’ll be able to share my work after I tweak this one more thing”, or “I need to do these five things first otherwise it won’t work”, or one of my favourites, “Oh look, a shiny new idea I can work on instead!”

When you’re feeling frozen and unsure how you can ever make money from the work you love, or travel the world, or take six months off for beekeeping, take a step back and look at things from a distance.

First, what is it you really, genuinely want?

And secondly, what’s the easiest possible way you can make it happen?

How can you remove the complexity and keep things as easy, graceful, and simple as possible?

While I’ve been working on launching Life Studio, I’ve not only been doing the work to make it real, but also the work to fight every self-sabotage my mind can come up with.

This is all part of it, though. When you’re making work that matters to you and actually sharing it, you’ll soon encounter every block, self-sabotage, and excuse inside of you.

Each time, I’ve had to return to that all-important question: how can I make this simple and easy again?

What’s the easiest and most graceful way to make it a finished product that others can enjoy too?

Your books won’t write themselves. Your business isn’t built on inspiration alone. Your garden won’t grow without planting the seeds. 

It’s your time – right now. You’re already enough and you’re ready this exact moment, without changing or waiting for a thing. So how can you make it easiest for yourself to do what you’re here to do?

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