List your role models to understand who you want to be

Written in Meiringen, Switzerland

Who are you inspired by?

Do a quick audit of these people. Are they a good influence on your life? Do you want to be like that person? Do they embody your values?

If they do — awesome. You want to keep thinking back to them often.

Your role models can help you to identify what you want. You might choose to pick up some of their habits or work towards similar things. Some of their values might become your guiding principles. Allow yourself to get inspired.

The same goes for people you feel envious of. Feeling envy is ok. Just try to smile at it, then pinpoint what it is you’re envious of. Maybe it’s their awesome holidays. Do you want trips like that? Sure. You can make an effort to bring them into your own life.

Is it their beautiful hair, perfect skin, or long legs? Smile at that too. Then get on with your life.


Write down the people who inspire you. Then ask yourself:

  • What kind of influence are they on my life?
  • What values do I think or know they have?
  • What habits do I think or know they have?
  • How can this inspire my own life design project?
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