How to build the habits you need to live the life you want

Written in Meiringen, Switzerland

How do you start designing your ideal life? You can begin with the parts that don’t cost a penny.

This includes creating the habits you need to act like your ideal version of you.

While this doesn’t have a price tag, you need heaps of willpower and determination. And not everyone can be bothered with that. But if you have the energy to become one of the people who can, you’re going to have one incredible life.

I’m committed to creating a life of adventure and contributing the best I can.

For this, I want to be productive, creative and kind. In terms of habits, this includes:

  • Having creative time first thing in the morning before I start my client work
  • Taking breaks from my work to sit on my yoga mat, breathe, and stretch
  • Breaking up with my phone: putting it out of sight when I’m working; moving my time-wasting apps to a place that’s harder to scroll to; every month or so, turning on the QualityTime app to be conscious of how much time I spend mindlessly.

I like to build my habits with an XYZ system: first comes X, which triggers me to do Y, and then I do Z.

What are you committed to? How does that require you to be? What habits can help you get there?


Ideas of habits you might want to build:

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Lucy Fuggle
I'm Lucy – an adventurer, writer, author of Mountain Song: A Journey to Finding Quiet in the Swiss Alps, and creator of Live Wildly.

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