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The best places to drink tea in Copenhagen (2023 edition)

Copenhagen has one of the best coffee cultures in the world. My first trip to the Danish capital was essentially a cafe tour, featuring plenty of Coffee Collective filter coffee and cardamom buns.

Now I live here (and especially now I work for myself, mostly from a rotation of cafes) I’ve had even more time to get to know the best cafes in Copenhagen.

But what about tea? After taking a break from coffee (too many jitters) and falling in love with a good cup of green tea in the last few years, I made it my mission to find the best tea in Copenhagen.

Here are my findings…

The cafes & teahouses with the best tea in Copenhagen

1. Sing Tehus

I’ve been buying sencha for my morning pot of tea from Sing Tehus ever since falling in love with the first pack I spontaneously picked up in MUJI. It’s so, so good.

If you’re a tea snob, you can now make your life ten times brighter by visiting the brand-new Sing Tehus just off Vesterbrogade, on Værnedamsvej.

I love the sencha midori, but there are lots of green teas to choose from, plus other black, white, herbal, and fruit teas. During the festive season, their Christmas tea has been firmly on my regular rotation.

2. io tehus

io tehus isn’t a place to grab a cup of tea to-go. Instead, book a time (it’s not a 9-5 sort of place), block off your entire afternoon, and savour their tea tasting journey.

We tried the green tea tasting tour and enjoyed three different types of green tea, each brewed three times. We were there a long time, and only headed off when we did because we were meeting friends.

This place is all about slowness, minimalism, and enjoying the details, so make sure you’re not in a rush or have anything on your calendar for the next hour or so.

3. Darcy’s Kaffe

As one of my favourite cafes of the moment, Darcy’s offers some of the best coffee and tea in Copenhagen. Visit them at either Rantzausgade or Vesterbrogade and choose from their selection of tea from London’s Postcard Teas. They have an excellent sencha, black tea, and usually some other herbal options.

If you’ve got some free time, you can ask for hot water refills to enjoy a second or third brew (and they’ll probably even encourage you to do this).

4. MUJI TeaHouse

If you despise department stores, you’ll have to make your way through one of Denmark’s largest to get here. But on the top floor of ILUM, you’ll be greeted with delicious tea from Sing Tehus and cakes from Anderson Bakery.

With a pot of tea and a Japanese-inspired cake (the matcha roulade is fantastic), you can sit and browse the wide selection of coffee table books on the floor-to-ceiling shelves.

It absolutely won’t be the cheapest (or necessarily the friendliest) cup of tea, but it’s worth a visit if you’re in the inner city and love tea.

5. Coffee Collective

Coffee Collective is synonymous with great coffee in Denmark, but have you tried their tea?

Unsurprisingly considering their love for detail, Coffee Collective offers perfectly-brewed green tea and black tea, served after a precise brewing time at the ideal temperature. Their green tea is one of my go-to teas to enjoy while getting some work done.

6. A.C. Perchs Thehandel

You might have noticed A.C. Perchs tea in some cafes and restaurants around Copenhagen, and it’s a Danish favourite.

For the closest experience to afternoon tea vibes in Copenhagen, visit their tea house and shop on Kronprinsensgade in Indre By.

I bought Iain a selection box of A.C. Perchs tea for Christmas this year, including a delicious sea buckthorn herbal blend which we’ll definitely be buying more of.

So, there you have it – the best tea in Copenhagen for 2023 (that I’m currently aware of, at least).

For more recommendations for your time in Copenhagen, visit my round-up of the best coffee in Vesterbro, nature and adventures around Copenhagen, or, if you’re feeling ambitious, my tips for learning Danish (well, at least a bit).

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