Hi, I’m Lucy Fuggle

It’s good to meet you! I’m a Brit who likes to write, make things, and go on adventures. I accidentally fell into entrepreneurship in 2018 after quitting my job as a tech marketer, spending a few years freelance in tech before finally working up the courage to focus more on my creative work, books, and writing.

I love the mountains, building things, and being in nature. After four years in Switzerland, I now live in Copenhagen (and mostly dream of mountains, but life is great here).

Live Wildly is my project to share my journey and the ideas, inspiration, and resources I come up with for creating a brave, adventurous, and creative life.

You can also find me at…

In December 2020, I published Mountain Song: A Journey to Finding Quiet in the Swiss Alps which you can order from me as a lovely little hardcover. I’m also the author of Simple Business and Your Life in Bloom.

How Live Wildly Began

I believe living our most creative and courageous lives shouldn’t be at the expense of the planet or its people. We can live well, have incredible adventures, and leave the planet a little better than when we arrived.

I started Live Wildly to bring together everything I’m learning about living well, whatever your own definition of that looks like. It’s my way of sharing what I’m getting right and wrong and creating along the way.

I hope it can be honest, humble, and transparent. It hasn’t all been sunshine and butterflies on my journey and I imagine it hasn’t on yours, either. But everything we’ve been through has brought us here. And that’s a pretty wonderful thing, right?

I welcome you to join me on the journey and share your wisdom along the way too.